Dear friends,

We, at Humaneasy Consulting, sponsor as much as we can the below mentioned institutions and/or projects.
If you tink that the reason that make you came here will be suffice, we take the liberty to ask if you could give them your help too.

Thanks in advance for your solidarity.

The HumanEasy Team

Any gift on my behalf will be shared as follows:

Share Beneficiary
35% Unicef
40% Care2002 Hospital and Health Care Integrated Information System
25% ANSOL - Associação Nacional para o Software Livre

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12/04/2002 - I tell you what he got it to work and he offered further help when no one else Did icyFire Rocks!!!
12/30/2002 - The PhpBB script is wonderful and easy to use. It was actually nice to go and chat with Doug Kelly. He was polite and very knowledgable about this script and what needed to be done to correct the situation. This was a definite pleasure to install and get support. Thank you very much Dave W.
01/09/2003 - Thank you times a billion! I am very happy to have my server back up and running.
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